EVAPO-RUST rust remover Chassis Testimonial




RE: Evapo-Rust tech article 06-24-04

Subject: 1969 Plymouth road runner rear passenger frame rail.



I called a couple of weeks ago to say how much I enjoy working with your product, Evapo-Rust. I am using it in a manner which is not really intended, though. I know that you recommend that parts be soaked in it for a period of time, however, the rust I need to remove is on the underside of my car, a 1969 Plymouth road runner. I used Evapo-Rust the first time on a panel on the underside of the passenger side rocker panel and was very pleased with the results. When I called to compliment a representative of your company he was very intrigued by the method I was using to remove the rust. I promised to document the way I am using Evapo-Rust and send it on to your company along with a tech article and pictures detailing my methods. I hope you enjoy the article and pictures.

Pic 001 - Here is everything I used to accomplish the task of de-rusting the passenger side rear frame rail of my ‘69 road runner. I put the Evapo-Rust into a spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle. The large plastic storage container will be used to collect the Evapo-Rust which drips off after it is applied. The scrapers are used to remove the existing undercoating and surface rust while the Wal-Mart carb cleaner will be used to remove the undercoating which is still in place after the scraping and to also degrease the panel. I used the sandpaper to remove some of the heavier rust deposits.

Pics 002 & 003 - Here is the frame rail in its raw condition.

Pics 004 & 005 - The same frame rail after scraping with the scrapers.

Pics 006 & 007 - Frame rail cleaned and degreased with carb cleaner - it works great as a paint remover also.

Pics 008 & 009 - Frame rail after sanding and final degreasing. The area is now ready for Evapo-Rust treatment.

Pic 011 - Evapo-Rust has been applied and allowed to soak for 10 minutes. After the initial soaking I began to brush the area with a steel bristle wire brush. The rust is already disappearing.

Pic 012 - This is the center section of the frame rail after 40 minutes of soaking and brushing. I kept the area wet at all times while working with the wire brush. I collected the runoff in the large plastic container and began to dip the brush in the collected Evapo-Rust instead of continuously applying Evapo-Rust from the spray bottle. This reduces the amount of Evapo-Rust used to remove the rust.

Pic 013 - The once rusty frame rail after 1 hour - 35 minutes of work. While it is not 100% rust free it sure is a whole lot better than what I started with!

Pic 015 - Some of the rust is a little thick so I broke out the smaller of the two scrapers and began to attack it while wet. The screwdriver seen in pic 001 would have worked well here also. The more rust you can remove initially, the faster the Evapo-Rust will work.

Pics 022, 024, 025 & 026 - As you may be able to see, there are still some small pitted areas that have rust in them and I’m sure they can be cleared up but it was time to quit. These pics show the frame rail after 2 hours of work. The Evapo-Rust works great for me and I will be continuing the rust removal process on the rest of this frame rail and the driver’s side as well. I could just paint over the rust with a product I have called Rust Bullet which neutralizes the rust and seals it from being exposed to moisture but this area is immediately adjacent to the tail pipes and is exposed to heat from the tailpipe. I want to remove as much rust as possible so that there will be less potential for the rust to return. After I have done as much as I can with the Evapo-Rust I will treat with Ospho which is a rust converter (phosphoric acid) and then I will top coat with the Rust Bullet. All in all I estimate I used between 8 and 10 ounces of Evapo-Rust on this project and I will be able to reclaim approximately 30% - 40% of that.

In closing I must say your product is very effective when used with my method and I am glad I took the chance to try it. Your sales person was very honest with me and made no claims as to the effectiveness of your product after he listened to me explain how I was going to use it. In fact he almost tried to dissuade me from buying your product because he was just being honest with me about the lack of success others have had when trying Evapo-Rust with other-than-intended methods of use. I appreciated his honesty but decided to go for it anyway and I am glad I did. The thing I like most about Evapo-Rust (other than the fact that it really works!) is that I can get it all over me and not have to worry about rushing to remove it before it attacks my skin. Trust me I got plenty of it all over my arms and hands while getting these pics! Evapo-Rust is great stuff and I will be recommending it to my fellow car club members (Mighty Mopars of Orlando) in the upcoming tech articles I’ll be writing on the rebuild of my road runner for the club newsletter. Not only does our club newsletter reach our local members but it is also distributed to the leadership of Mopar clubs state-wide. I’m happy to promote such a fine product because I know if it works for me it will work for others, too. It just takes a little patience with my method but the results are well worth the wait.

Thank You for making a product that really works!

- John M.


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